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Birthdate:Oct 7
for plentyofroom
Character's name: Aeryn Sun
Character's canon: Farscape
What type of canon is your character from?: TV Show


Aeryn Sun is a Sebacean and was born to be a Peacekeeper Soldier aboard a  Command Carrier. She led a life of fairly emotionless soldiering until her prowler was caught in the starburst stream of an escaping Leviathan (a biomechanoid ship) named Moya; she was captured and imprisoned aboard the ship by the escaped prisoners she was assisting to recapture. It was in her cell where she met the human, John Crichton, and was deemed by the Peacekeepers to be 'irreversibly contaminated'. Thus began her life aboard Moya.

Soon, she became an irreplaceable part of the family that grew from the misfits aboard the Leviathan. As she fell in love with John Crichton, the emotionless soldier that Aeryn was became the loving, strong and heroic woman she was born to be.


When we first meet Aeryn, she is cold and emotionless; very much a soldier. As the series progresses and she falls for John, the Sebacean Peacekeeper begins to slowly become more human. As John told her when they first met: “You can be more.” And she became more, but she never lost her fire, her passion and her love for shooting things. It makes her feel better. She becomes, as the series progresses, a more caring, feeling and loving character - though, when she’s emotionally hurt and grieving, she will revert back to the emotionless shell, to spare herself the pain. She takes time to trust, but when she does, she trusts with her whole being. But, if the trust is broken, good luck ever getting it back without a hole in some part of the anatomy.

What is the point of your character's canon in which you are introducing your character?:

Between 3rd and 4th seasons … Aeryn had just lost the Crichton double, whom she’d fallen in love with, to death and was afraid to let herself love the other Crichton - for fear of losing him, too - so she left Moya to get away from him. When she left, she was pregnant, but the pregnancy was in stasis. (Sebacean women have the ability to hold a pregnancy in stasis for up to 7 cycles.) Because of this ability, it is unknown if the child is actually Crichton’s at that time (he was…) The hotel will activate her pregnancy.

*Note: Her pregnancy and subsequent birth has been discussed with the mods and ok’d.

What skills does your character have?:

She’s a military-trained Peacekeeper Commando soldier, so all the skills that entails. She shoots things. A lot. She is a Prowler pilot (Small fighter-type spacecraft) and can pilot other spacecraft, when needed. She can tinker-fix things, as a pilot would need to know how to keep their ship in top shape.

She does not speak English well. At all. Until she met John Crichton, it was a brand new, never heard of language to her and the only English she’s gotten is from a man who liberally sprinkled it with pop culture references and odd sayings. John was teaching her, but she still had miles to go. She does have translator microbes in her body that will translate English, so she understands other people. But her native language is not one anyone will know. (It sounds like English played backwards on a record player --this is how Claudia Black thought it would be, and how she did it)

a quick glossary of well known Uncharted Territory Slang (that Aeryn will use frequently even when speaking English)
cycle = year
microt = minute
frell/frelling = fuck/fucking
hezmana = hell
dren = shit
mivonks = balls
snurch = steal
(link to a full glossary forthcoming, but these are the main ones)

1. Her pulse pistol & holster (which is on her waist)
2. a locket with a photo of John in it
3. A couple duffle bags filled with her belongings. She was leaving Moya at the time, so has all her things with her.
4. the Prowler she’s flying (I am assuming the prowler will end up in the apparently very large garage. :))

This is a RP account owned by bizarra and Aeryn Sun is a character who belongs to Jim Henson productions, RHI, Inc and Rockne O'Bannon.
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